Legacy Community Christian Academy

Application, Fees and Dress code

A parent/student interview will be scheduled with the administration to determine if the school is a good fit for the student. We want you as well as the child to be comfortable with the school once accepted the student enrollment packet and appropriate fees are due before the child begins classes. At that time the supervisor will schedule the testing for the child. Once the child is tested and the pace level is determined for the student to begin a separate invoice will be sent with the cost of the curriculum.

Bases Fees: (these are base fees and differ at each level

Advance Fees

Monthky tuition
All students $325 plus Paces

Discount for enrolling for the next year in advance $75
Discount for paying annual tuition up front on ennrolment 10%
Meals are no additional cost

Dress code:
We have a dress code for the ladies and gentlemen and this includes those who participate in a physical education as well. Dress code must be adhered to all times. A child can be sent home to change when necessary.