Legacy Community Christian Academy


Overview of ACE Curriculum

Each individual student proceeds at his or her own rate of learning, depending on that person’s unique ability and motivation. The A.C.E curriculum is dear not to class progress but to individual progress Education is Taylor 2 and consistent with the students personal uniqueness this approach recognizes the individual student in a very special way in some cases students requiring Video education have been taken from government schools in place in schools using the ace school tomorrow curriculum With excellent results.


In addition to excellent spiritual an individual character content, it is important to make sure that your child will see if an academically superior education bias school tomorrow correct your own place is a strong emphasis on academic excellence in all subject areas


This quality of the ACE curriculum is a result of an expenditure of approximately $40 Million for research planning writing and development or the past 2 decades Comp compliments biblical and professional curriculum writers have participated Basics and phonics are stressed throughout no effort has been spared to produce a superior product


Students attending schools that use the ace curriculum are tested annually There are given one of the Tests that are used to measure the progress of students post public and private across the United States scores on these test provides a valid basis for comparing the performance of students using the ace curriculum with students from public and private schools throughout the United States through the years Overall average performance of students using ace score Up tomorrow curriculum has constantly Exceeded the national averages .


Academic excellence is a hallmark of school is using the A’s curriculum and total education system as a parent your decision to provide your child with advantages of a biblical education will be a very wise one.