Legacy Community Christian Academy

Who We Are

LCCA is in a ministry of legacy Community Church and as such is under the guidance and supervision of the senior pastors and board members of legacy Community Church and its leadership all decisions and or direction of this or any other ministry involving this church or affiliates are dedicated decided enforced by the leadership.
El Reno now has one other choice in education for their children pre Ducey Through the eighth grade and our classes are you around legacy community Christian Academy is a private distance learning school you know listing that celebrated Christian education curriculum ace teachers a curriculum over solid back to basics for their children a course of study andelise to meet a child-specific needs and learning capabilities a program incorporating godly character building and wisdom principles as hell TV standard since 1970 as of September 2013 a service over 6000 schools in 145 countries all over the world and are growing everyday
at legacy community Christian Academy we focus on your child specific learning needs while incorporating scripture and character building to provide your child equality Christian education legacy community Christian Academy in minister of legacy Community Church is it wrong for the next school kindergarten through eighth grade level we will continue adding additional great he’s here so that we can continue the legacy Through the 12th grade level