We want to encourage you to get involved!

Surround yourself with believers who you can build a family community with! It is amazing to see the Father moving on people’s lives every day and because of what He is doing, new people are seeking Him out every week. It is so humbling to watch His grace and love at work!

Worship Ministry

Lead by David and Lee Brown

The Music Ministry is a calling.  We lead people into worship by setting an example.  We usher in the very presence of God to prepare peoples hearts to receive the word that comes forth and allows and encourages the gifts of the Holy Spirit to manifest.

Women's Ministry

Lead by Pastor Dee Hart

The Women’s Ministry is a fellowship where women grow in the knowledge, understanding, and application of God’s word.  A place where women can be strengthened, uplifted and learn from one another.  A place where we are united, connected, focused, empowered and compassionate as it aligns with the Word of God.  A place where our gifts and talents can be utilized.

Legacy Children's Ministry

Lead by Angie Beach

Teaching the young community of El Reno and letting them know they have a purpose.  We are all uniquely made and we want to offer them the opportunity to get to know God and the family that will love and support them to become the person they were created to be. 

Community Kids Learning Center

Your child will become successful in gaining a self-identity that will stay with them long after they leave CKLC.  We strive to meet the needs of young children and families, by providing a safe, nurturing Christian environment and education program that addresses all areas of development, intellectual, social, physical, emotional and spiritual needs. 

Legacy Community Christian Academy

Legacy Community Christian Academy has been designed to education children through a Christian-based private school.  The goal is to serve as an extension of the Bible believing Christian home and local church, working harmoniously with parents to achieve God’s purpose for their child by utilizing Accelerated Christian Education (A.C.E.).